Tuesday June 1, 2021

Jim & Stacey

3 Rounds
12 Big Arm Circles (forward/backwards)
8 Worlds Greatest Stretch (total)
6 Inchworms

2 Sets: AMRAP in 7:00 Minutes
Reverse Lunges/Single DB Reverse Lunges (50lbs/35lbs)
Chair Dips/ Single DB Shoulder to Overhead (50lbs/35lbs)*Split between arms*
*Rest 3:00 Minutes between sets*


20 Hip Bridges (weighted if you can)
10-15 Bulgarian Split Squats (right/left)
10 Birddogs (right/left)

1:00 Seal Stretch
1:00 Toe Touch Stretch
:30 Chest Stretch (each side)
Post scores to comments


4 thoughts on “Tuesday June 1, 2021

  1. Team JJT did Jerry Swinger again; short but intense. 9:28

    30 wb (#14)
    30 kb (#35 overhead)
    60 stepups
    30 kb
    30 wb

    This time Jess insisted that I start, so I felt chased the whole time. Probably the only reason I was faster than her.

    • Also too this, but 45# single-arm DB thrusters instead of wallballs, and 14KG (~31lb?) kettlebell swings.


      Worked out well because I needed a shorter WOD this morning so I could bring myself into the vaccine clinic for a shot

  2. Same setup as Jim, and yup I started 2 mins after to share equipment. It was a much different mentality this time going second and not feeling chased. 9:30 – shaved off 33 seconds from my previous time

  3. Mother-daughter duo for this “just keep moving” WOD
    Back didn’t feel the greatest, maybe just tired from yesterday but this felt sluggish
    For me 30# reverse lunge and S20
    Round 1 123 reps
    Round 2 130 reps
    Mak subbed sit ups for lunges as her knee was a bit rough after yesterday with 10# S20
    Round 1 178
    Round 2 172

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