Wednesday June 2, 2021


5:00 Clock
36 Jumping Jacks
4 Pushups to Downward Dog
12 Jumping Air Squats


2 Sets:
Cossack Squats (total)/ Backpack Thrusters/DB Snatches
Burpees/ Burpees over Backpack/Burpees over the DB
*Rest 3:00 Mins b/t sets*

Tabata (:20 on/:10 off)

2:00 Pancake Stretch
2:00 Frog Stretch
Post scores to comments


7 thoughts on “Wednesday June 2, 2021

  1. 35lbs for DB snatches and DB facing burpees
    Set 1: 8:51
    Set 2: 9:37

    Definitely felt myself slowing down in the set of 20 in the second round.

  2. #45 for me

    Round 1. 9:51
    Round 2. 12:03

    Was 10 burpees into the 30 on r1 before Jess started hers, still she caught up and we were dead even starting the 20 snatches. That hurts.

  3. Carol and I are up to 28 min now running (no intervals or walking). Friday is 30 mins, followed by timed mile-runs next week.

    Hoping Onyx can join on our warmup next week 🙂

  4. Since I did lots of burpees on Monday I opted for yesterday’s WOD today.
    15 lb DB
    Set 1 made it to 40 reverse lunges and 20 DB push press
    Set 2 made it to 40 reverse lunges plus 14 and 20 DB push press
    I don’t think I should add up all those lunges today, then my legs will feel even more jello-ey

  5. Got my vaccine yesterday so took it a bit easy on that arm. #45 for snatches on my good arm, ~#31 on the vaccinated arm, and just did regular burpees instead of burpees over DB.

    10:20 / 12:11

  6. Zoom with Crystal tonight.
    After 5 days of no workout + being sick, this one was a burner( unsure if I was not sick I would have fared any better haha )
    20lbs for alternating db snatches, very slow, very scaled lateral burpees over the db. I barely managed to stick to the numbers on the burpees.
    Round 1: 12:10
    Round 2: 13:13

  7. Zooming with Anshita for this gasser of a delightful wod
    30# with lateral burpees

    Averaged 9-10 on the tabata

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