Tuesday June 8, 2021


2 Rounds
1:00 Marching
10 Inchworms
:30 Handstand Hold/:30 plank hold

3 Rounds of

20 Hand Release Pushups/ 30ft handstand walk
30 Alt. Box step ups/ 30 alt. DB Hang Snatches 50lbs/35lbs
-Rest 3:00 mins-
3 Rounds of
20 Hand Release Pushups
30 Alt. Box step ups

1:00 Seal Stretch
1:00 Toe Touch Stretch
1:00 Butterfly Stretch
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4 thoughts on “Tuesday June 8, 2021

  1. I am not having a good week so far. Team JJT decided this wod was too much so cut it to 2 rounds per section from 3.

    I was doing alright but I guess my snatch form was getting a bit sloppy over time. After the 3rd round I could feel my back hurting a bit while doing the last push-ups, and then in the final snatch set something just twisted funny and there was instant pain and I was done.

    Round times:
    (3 min rest)
    5:15 – dnf: 20/30 snatches

    Here’s hoping I didn’t do too much damage.

    • As Jim said, we decided to cut back on the volume.
      Did push-ups and 35lb snatch (2 rounds each set instead of 3)

      Set 1: 6:52
      Set 2: 6:56

      Did a little bit of handstand practice after for accessory.

    • Yeah, stuck to 2 rounds per set with JJT. 45# dumbbell on the snatches, and regular pushups

      7:14 / 8:49; pushups caught up quickly.

      (rounds – 3:06/4:08/4:03/4:46)

  2. Hope you are ok Jim not gonna lie you scared me a bit but did the WOD as written. Kept 3 rounds per with 30# and brought the box inside to enjoy this WOD in AC
    Part 1 – 8:51
    Part 2 – 8:50
    (1 sec diff – wow!)
    Part 1 – 7:41
    Part 2 – 8:51

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