Friday June 11, 2021

CFD_10year_anniversary 141
Welcome Back


2 Rounds
30 Jumping Jacks
5 Pushups to Downward Dog
10 Worlds Greatest Stretch

AMRAP 15:00 Minutes
*Split Reps with a partner, however you like
100 Burpees
100 Goblet Squats 50lbs/35lbs/Air Squats
100 Alt. Leg VUps
100 Single Arm Alt. Hang DB Clean and Jerks 50lbs/35lbs/Reverse Lunges
100 Double Unders/Jumping Jacks

Individual Version- Half the Reps of every movement

Post scores to comments


7 thoughts on “Friday June 11, 2021

    • Yeah I can confirm. I think we made great time on that one round given that I made Jess do 90 out of each 100 movements. Pretty easy WOD for me though. Maybe next time I’ll take 20 of the reps.

      Rx weight, modified to single unders for the skipping.

  1. So good to be back and see everyone šŸ™‚

    Partnered with Rebecca. Scaled to 70 burpees, #30, 200 single unders. Did the remaining 30 burpees at the end. Didn’t see the time, but somewhere in the 23-25 range.

  2. Way to carry the team Jess lol

    Partnered with Laura on this first day back which made me glad that I stayed committed enough over lock down to keep up with her although she def tripled my reps through the last DU
    We lost count at the end lol and it took us 30 secs to realize we were done!
    So 18:16 ish

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