Monday June 14, 2021

Emma & Cody

For Time
400m Run
42 Double DB Front Squats
400m Run
30 Double DB Front Squats
400m Run
21 Double DB Front Squats
400m Run
DB Loading 50lbs/35lbs
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6 thoughts on “Monday June 14, 2021

    • After that substitution I’m pretty convinced now that Jess wants me dead. I’m not yet sure what’s in it for her, she’s not in my will or anything… but I’ll figure that out over time.

      95 on the barbell, 25 burpees instead of each run. 26:59.

  1. Rain, rain, go away…

    Did some arm-focused accessories in the garage while J&T did the wod. Back is feeling slightly better each day, but I still can’t stretch out a bootstrpper yet.

  2. 5am was rain free! 16:43, with a big thanks to Carol and Rob for joining me on the last 400m. Scaled to using one green kettlebell.

  3. Way to push Travis, Jess lmao

    Still trying to figure out how to balance those 30’s in my shoulders so traded for 2 – 25

    Day 1 of 30 ab challenge in the books
    Day 7 food journal

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