Saturday June 19, 2021


AMRAP in 40:00 Minutes
200m Run
5,10,15,20… Burpees
Get your cardio fix this Saturday
How high of a burpee count can you get?- It builds quickly

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10 thoughts on “Saturday June 19, 2021

  1. Great workout with the 7am crew with coach Brad!
    Made it 23 burpees into the round of 50. Switched to a modified burpee (no chest to ground) in the round of 35.

  2. We went with a simpler setup at home.

    Opened up with a warmup of 20 jumping jacks, 5 inchworm to pushup, 5 worlds-greatest-stretch (really opened up the hips)

    The WOD itself opened up with 7 burpees, into 20 mountain climbers, into 3 DB hang c&j per arm. Really opened up my eyes to partner wod possiblities.

    AMRAP of this for 12 minutes, alternating partners. I opened up, Jess went next, etc.

    13 rounds + 3 burpees.

    • We opened up the garage to do this one in the open air.

      Travis opened up the partner wod and Jim opened up his at the same time. I closed it out.

      After we opened up the core with a hollow hold Tabata.

  3. Biked 12 km to the gym. Coached a wonderful 10 am class with Beth and Carol. Then biked home 17.5 km. Hot one today, nice work everyone braving the heat and hitting this one!

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