Monday June 28, 2021

Michelle & Stacey

4 Sets
30 Reverse Lunge, Single Arm DB Overhead (50lbs/35lbs) (Left Arm)
400m Run
30 Reverse Lunge, Single Arm DB Overhead (50lbs/35lbs) (Right Arm)
*Rest 1:30 b/t sets*
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5 thoughts on “Monday June 28, 2021

  1. I don’t remember anything about my round times. I think I’ve blocked out memories of this one already. Humidity, as Jess said, was nuts. I was baking on my last round.

    Went with 35#, overhead round 1, on shoulder rounds 2-3, on ground round 4 just to get it done. Running was brutal. Something like… 30:20 I believe.

  2. So humid this morning, I was sweat through before we even started.

    Finished just under 30 min. Used #25. R1 overhead, r2 suitcase, r3 half with suitcase half no weight, r4 no weight.

  3. Did this one RX+ … 500m run. It was a doozy! 240 reverse lunges should feel good tomorrow :[
    Rd 1: 5:07
    Rd 2: 5:40
    Rd 3: 6:10
    Rd 4: 6:08
    Total time: 27:35

  4. Was low on time, so did the ab challenge for Monday and…

    5 x 2 MIN AMRAP
    20 double unders + max reverse lunges

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