Saturday July 3, 2021


In Teams of 2 Complete the following for time:
500/400 Calorie Bike
60 Sandbag Cleans #150/#100
*40:00 Minute Time Cap
*Partition calories and reps as needed with your partner.
*One Athlete working at a time.
Post scores to comments 


9 thoughts on “Saturday July 3, 2021

  1. Partnered with Dave. Did :45 on/off for the cals. Back still not healed so I swapped 2x#30 shoulder to overhead x2 for each service clean Dave did. Finished 34min ish.

  2. Saw this one and it brought back memories of the last time this one was posted. Travis and I were partners, had made good time on the bike, and after a few cleans in I turn around to hear him say “I dislocated my pinky”. I finished my half of the cleans but he called it a DNF.

    So for old times sake, had to partner with Travis again today. This time I was the one who didn’t make it out unscathed. In warmup for the clean I dug a fingernail from my left hand into my right and started bleeding. Threw a bandaid on and it didn’t keep me from doing the wod. We’re doomed to finish this wod injury free!

    450 cals total on the echo bike switching every 30seconds. I used 80 lbs for the cleans. We finished 38:30


  3. Great hustle this morning in the 7am class! This one was long and tough but a good one!
    Madeline and I broke up the bike into switching every 30 seconds. We finished the biking portion at 28 mins. For the cleans, Madeline used 80# and I used 50#. Ended up finishing at 36 mins.

  4. Partnered with Mandy – this one was great! Finished the bike around 26:50, and then did the cleans as singles, finished right at the time cap or shortly after. #100

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