Monday July 12, 2021


Burpee Double DB Deadlift 50lbs/35lbs
*15/10 Cal Bike or 10/8 Cal Echo Bike after each set*
TIME CAP- 15:00 Minutes

Rest 5 minutes, then for time
25 Burpees Over DB 
25 Double DB Deadlifts
25/20 Cal Bike or 20/15 Cal Echo Bike
Post scores to comments


6 thoughts on “Monday July 12, 2021

  1. Solid WOD this morning!

    Part 1:
    Bike erg
    30# for rounds 10 and 9 then switched to 35# for the rest

    Part 2:

    Total time: 21:30

  2. 27:02 total time Rx

    Finished 3 deadlifts + 3cal concept bike in round 1
    7:02 round 2 on Echo bike

    Solid cardio work today

  3. RX with concept
    Part 1 15.29
    Part 2 5.35
    Total 26.04
    I really liked the double DB burpee movement today. It forced me to drive my hips further from the burpee to a better foot placement plus bracing for the DL allowed me to control my breathing.

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