14 thoughts on “Tuesday July 13, 2021

  1. Round times
    R1 | 09:20 | | 1 mile
    R2 | 08:08 | -72 s | 100 cal row
    R3 | 07:58 | -10 s | 100 cal bike erg
    Time left over: 09:34 | 70/100 cal row DNF

    Back gave out on ski more so than the cardio. At 33:30 I basically just stopped. Did not attempt push-ups like that, so will make sure to get some in later today.

    Despite all that I’m pretty happy to have had over a half hour of solid cardio. That would have been impossible a year ago.

    Every day better than yesterday.

  2. Ran approx. 1400m
    80 cals bike
    60 cals ski
    60 row
    23 push ups (hit the time cap)

    Thanks Coach Seth and the 5am crew!!

  3. Whew!! Hard working 5:30 crew.
    Mile run (yay 9:00 even which is my best mile time) plus 80 cal row/bike/ski and then hit 15 push ups from knees before time cap
    Finished all 100 push-ups though by 42:40
    Grateful for the encouragement Brad!

  4. That was not so bad!
    800 m run, 80 cals on both the ski and bike. 60 cals on rower because I wanted to get in some push ups. 60 band aided push-ups from knees until the time cap. Completed the remaining 40 after time cap.

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