Friday July 23, 2021


OTM for 20:00 Minutes- Full Body Flush
Min 1. 4- 6 Strict Pullups
Min 2. 6-8 per side Half Kneeling KB Chop 
Min 3. 8-10 Single KB/DB Turkish Situps 
Min 4. 10 (5 toe touches per side) Pushups to alt. toe touch

Post scores to comments


2 thoughts on “Friday July 23, 2021

  1. Round 1: This is fine
    Round 2: This is not fine
    Round 3: I regret my choices
    Round 4: at least this is it… wait I can’t math, there’s still one more. F.
    Round 5: Total body huh? I’m not made only of arms Dave.

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