Wednesday July 28, 2021


Teams of 2, complete the following for time
500/400 Calorie BikeERG
*Partner must hold Sandbag in Bear Hug Position 100lbs/80lbs
Target Time: Sub 45:00 Mins
Time Cap: 55:00 Minutes

Post scores to comments


5 thoughts on “Wednesday July 28, 2021

  1. Team J^2 finished 29:24 (450 cals on bike erg). Jim used 100#. I started with 80# and dropped to 60# partway through.
    We went for max hold as the transition which in retrospect was not the best idea. Should have switched based on time.

  2. I partnered with Jon today, and we finished in 30:25 (500cal bike erg). I held 100# for most rounds but shared with Jim so there was one round (or two?) where I held an 80# instead. Good chipper

  3. Partnered with Mandy for the 5am class. I held a 100# sandbag. We each biked/held for a minute then switched. Finished in 29:00 almost right on. Solid workout!

  4. That was simple and fun but definitely a mental game. Crystal and I used a 60lb sandbag and we switched after every minute. I think we finished around 31:30 with 400 cals on the bike erg.

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