Monday August 9, 2021


500m Row
50 Wallballs 20lbs/14lbs
50 Pullups
500m Row
25 Wallballs 30lbs/20lbs
25 Pullups
500m Row
*REST 5:00 Minutes*
250m Row
25 Wallballs 20lbs/ 14lbs
25 Pullups
250m Row

Target Time Sub 16:00 Minutes
Time Cap: 20:00 Minutes

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6 thoughts on “Monday August 9, 2021

  1. Burner. Scaled meters to 400/200. Used #16/#25 for wall balls. Scaled to 35/15 for banded pull ups. Still didn’t finish.

    Time capped in first part at 17:00 with 11/25 pull ups. With 3:00 only for part 2, Had 3/15 pull ups done.

  2. Modified hard today:
    -35 pull-up instead of 50, 15 pull-up instead of 25.
    -Kept wallballs Rx for both weights and reps
    -800 m on bike erg instead of 500 m row and 400 m instead of 250 m row.

  3. – 500/250m on the rower
    – 35/15 pull-ups
    – 14/20lb wall ball

    Was 85m shy of finishing first set in the time cap, and finished to 6 pull-ups in the second set.

  4. modified to 400m rows and 35/15 pull-ups/ring-rows in part 1. Time-capped part 1 at 17min, only got 5 ring-rows done in part 2 before capped

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