Tuesday August 10, 2021


In Teams of 2, complete:
3 Rounds
1500m SkiERG
30 Burpee Box Get Overs
*Partition reps as needed
*One Athlete working at a time

Post scores to comments


6 thoughts on “Tuesday August 10, 2021

    • What a muggy day for this one. couldn’t stop sweating.

      Stuck around afterward to do some bench, nailed 195 and then flubbed 197 but it’s still a PR so I’ll take it

  1. Partnered with Michelle today! We alternated every 40 seconds for the ski, and then 5 for the burpee box get overs.

    I somehow convinced myself that the workout ended with the 3rd ski, so I died a little inside when I realized we still had the 30 burpee box gets overs haha.

    Finished at the 30 min mark I think

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