Friday August 13, 2021


Part 1. Build to HEAVY Snatch (15:00 Minutes Max)
Part 2. Build to a HEAVY Clean and Jerk (15:00 Minutes Max)
Part 3. Back Squats: 1x 20 Reps as HEAVY as possible (5:00 Minutes Max)

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9 thoughts on “Friday August 13, 2021

  1. Awesome 5am class this morning, partnered with Rebecca on a bunch of this stuff:
    Part 1. #85 squat snatch, then built to #100 power snatch
    Part 2. Successful at #145, cleaned #150 but couldn’t get it overhead
    Part 3. Legs were tired #105

  2. Great workout today! The 5am crew just brings the right energy to make you feel like you can conquer the day (and the weights)!

    Big shout out to Christina for the pushes today, partnered on a bunch of lifts. It was a day of PRs!

    Part 1: got to a 90lbs squat (not quite full depth) snatch. Then got 100lbs power snatch.

    Part 2: successful 145lbs clean and split jerk. Attempted 150lbs but got in my head a little too much and bailed after 1 attempt….one day I’ll get it!

    Part 3: 105lbs…definitely should have gone heavier, but it was still a good challenge.

  3. Snatch: #125 very sloppy. #119 ok
    C&J: #165 sloppy but ok
    20x back squats: #167. Some yelling involved.

    Fun Togo heavy. Gotta work on getting more comfortable with the general movements and then I think I could do much more.

  4. What a fun workout! As Christina and Rebecca already mentioned, the energy in the 5am class was awesome. Thanks Coach Seth and everyone else for all of the encouragement and motivation today!

    Part 1: Decided to stick with power snatches today- it’s definitely still a movement I need to work on! 95lbs

    Part 2: 135lbs C&J- a PR for me from 115lbs which I was really excited about 🙂

    Part 3: 115lbs x20

  5. 127 on the snatch for a 2lb PR
    177 on the C&J
    157 on the squats – lighter than intended stimulus ’cause I tweaked my back a bit on Weds squats and didn’t want to make it worse

  6. Snatch 105 – not a solid lift. Missed #1, got attempt #2, missed #3

    CJ – #135 – ugly last lift (clean and jerk was ugly 😩). Definitely can do that weight but needs work on movement at that weight. 125# solid

    BS – 95# could’ve went heavier but stayed light cause I wasn’t feeling my best today. Next time.

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