Friday August 27, 2021

In Teams of 2, 20 Rounds (10 rounds each)
10/8 Calorie ECHOBike
50ft Sandbag Carry
6 Sandbag Cleans #150/#100
*One Athlete completes full round, then switch

Post scores to comments



5 thoughts on “Friday August 27, 2021

  1. Jim & Travis the dreamy team!

    #100. Otherwise Rx. 35:49. Great for a 40min time cap.

    Clearly the rest of the class didn’t go challenging enough as we were last.

  2. Team Storm for the first time in ages!
    Great wod! Thanks Jess!!
    Dream team got their butts wooped by the girls!! (😉😉🤣)…….and we did challenge ourselves, fyi!!
    Thyroid didn’t spike so new medication is working, thank God!!
    This old gal still has it!!😀

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