5 thoughts on “Monday August 30, 2021

  1. Well that was a clusterf&@k. My previous wod with backsquats I made an error recording my weight which led to an unreasonable target. Then I figured that out warming up but did the math wrong in loading. So it was way more than I should have been trying fir the reps. Didnt help feeling overly rushed. Front squats were correct at least – maybe even a bit under.

    #185×8, #210×8, #225×3, #225×4
    #145×5, #155×6, #165×6

    Also a lunge + wall sit tabata afterwards? Why you so mean Dave?

  2. Solid backsquat WOD… followed by a frontsquat WOD… followed by lunges and wall sits… followed by curls and dumbbell front lifts. Good dose 😀

    Backsquats: 185×8, 195×8, 205×6, 215×6
    Frontsquats: 170/180/190 x 5
    Dumbbell: 30

  3. I died last week on the 100’s but tonight was a good night at the Bar.

    Back Squat

    Front Squat

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