4 thoughts on “Monday September 6, 2021

  1. Team JJT did a birthday wod for Travis:

    “Balls to the Wall”

    Complete 8 reps each of: *

    *Starting with, and then every 3 minutes do 1 wall walk*

    Deficit Push-ups
    HSPU / Off Box Push-ups

    Do all with one arm then repeat with other
    Reverse Lunge w/Farmer Carry Hold
    Reverse Lunge w/Front Rack Hold
    Reverse Lunge w/Overhead Hold

    Do all with one arm then repeat with other
    Hang Clean
    Power Clean
    Squat Clean

    Do all with one arm then repeat with other
    Push Jerk
    Push Press
    Strict Press

    Turkish Sit-up

    Air Squat
    Goblet Squat
    Overhead Squat (4 per arm)

    Bent Over Row
    Upright Row

    No Jump/No Push-up Burpee
    Regular Burpee
    Alternating Devil Press

    Buyout: 380m run

    • Happy Birthday Travis Jess! Jess and I created this monstrosity after watching the xfit games. It turned out to be longer and harder than expected*. Shoulders took a beating.

      I finished in 29:02. Used #45 for most movements, but stepped down to #35 for the strict presses and overhead squats. What a wod.

      *That’s what she said

      • What great friends I have!

        31:46 for yours truly. Honestly the cardio was what floored me – breathin’ real hard hah. That final run was a doozy.

        Stuck with a 45lb dumbbell for the dumbbell stuff except for strict presses, where I scaled down to 35 for ~half of it.

        Great little birthday dose to be sure. Almost like a Crossfit Final Exam, hit all the highlights

  2. I finished in 25:18. The worst part for me were the presses, after that it wasn’t so bad. Although that final run felt so slow when I first head out

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