Tuesday September 7, 2021


Back Squats
8 Reps@65%
6 Reps@75%
4 Reps@85%
4 Reps@90%
*Rest as needed between sets

Front Squats
5 Reps@70%
5 Reps@70%
5 Reps@75%

*Rest as needed between sets
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7 thoughts on “Tuesday September 7, 2021

  1. Back Squats
    8 x 185lb
    6 x 210lb
    4 x 240lb
    4 x 255lb

    Front Squats
    5 x 160lb
    5 x 160lb
    5 x 170lb

    I feel like maybe my backsquat max is larger these days than back in late 2019 when I last tested; those last 4 weren’t trivial but they weren’t the struggle they should’ve been for 90%

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