Friday October 8, 2021


Part 1.
Every 2:00 Minutes perform the following for 10:00 Minutes (5 Sets)

2 Hang Squat Snatch (below knee)

Part 2.

Hang Power Snatch #95/#65
* 200m Run
Post scores/loadings to comments


7 thoughts on “Friday October 8, 2021

  1. Really enjoyed this one! Worked up to 70lbs in part 1.
    Used 55lbs for part 2. Finished the 2 snatches and was in the run when time hit, but still finished the wod after time.

  2. Part 1: added some weight as we went. #75 for last 2 sets

    Part 2: #65 from high hang. Managed unbroken with some pauses at the hang. I think I was on the run for rd 4 at the time cap. Finished up regardless.

    • Hahah. Not officially Britt. You were thru door b4 me. You crushed the snatches today👊🏻 Was a great class. Thanks Jamar

  3. Did this one in my driveway with a 45lb dumbbell, doing reps on left then right hand.

    Finished my 6th run exactly at the 14min mark. Finished everything at 21:52

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