Tuesday October 12, 2021


Part 1. 4 Rounds for Quality
:30-1:00 Hip Extension Hold
50ft DB Walking Lunges 70lbs/50lbs
Rest 2:00 Minutes between rounds

Part 2. 200 Wallballs 20lbs/14lbs
*Everytime you break, 4 wallwalks
Post scores to comments


6 thoughts on “Tuesday October 12, 2021

  1. That hurt. Legs are still super tired from yesterday (Jess and I did 10km run).
    Used #10 wb with 3 wall walks. Finished 162 at time cap.

    Tried big sets but they fell off real quick. 50, 35, 35, 22, 20 I think.

  2. Oh man, this workout sat me down. My sets were pretty all over the place but I didn’t mind the wall walks which was a good thing considering I had lots of sets!

    132 CAP


  3. I was not looking forward to this but it wasn’t that bad once I got into it – glad I did it. Had 141 at the time cap.

    50-40-18-33 with 4 wall walks on each break

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