Monday October 25, 2021


Part 1. 15:00 Minutes of Gymnastics Skill Work:

Part 2. For Time:
Run 800m
16/12 RMU/BMU
20 DBL DB Sn. @50/35
800m run
Time Cap: 18:00 Minutes 
Post scores to comments


3 thoughts on “Monday October 25, 2021

  1. Due to the rain did 800m row / 1600m bike. Did 12 jumping bar muscle ups (been a long time since I’ve done one of those) and 2x25lbs for the snatches. 11:36

  2. 1600m bike, 16 banded strict pullups, 20 snatches at 40#, 800m row. 13:35

    Good little dose of cardio today. Not sure if rowing first or last was the right strat. Those dumbbells got surprisingly heavy 😀

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