Wednesday December 15, 2021


Part 1. In Team of 2-3 complete 5 rounds each of the following
20- Back Squats (Ascending in weight) 
5- Deadlifts (Ascending in weight) 
8/Side- Single leg RDL

Part 2.
100- Box Step-Ups
100- Walking Lunges
*Use bodyweight, complete one exercise before moving on to the next one.*

Part 3. 21-15-9
Front Squats #135/#95 (taken from the floor)
Burpees Over the Barbell
*Time Cap 10:00 Minutes*


One thought on “Wednesday December 15, 2021

  1. Today was much fun! Thanks for a great class Bev!

    Part 1:
    Back squats
    85/105/125/145/165 for 15


    Part 3:
    6:47 @ 95lbs.

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