Tuesday January 18, 2022


3 Sets:
1:00 Max Reps Strict Pull Ups Or Object Bent Over Rows 
1:00 Max Reps Cossack Squats 
1:00 Max Reps Chair Dips
1:00 Max Reps Plank Shoulder Taps 
1:00 Rest

Minimal Equipment
3 Sets:
1:00 Max Reps Strict Pull Ups Or Double Dumbbell Bent Over Rows (50s/35s)
1:00 Max Reps Single Dumbbell Cossack Squats (50/35)
1:00 Max Reps Push Ups 
1:00 Max Reps Double Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead (50s/35s)
1:00 Rest

Accessory Work
3 Sets:
10-15 Bent Over Single Arm Rows (Each Side)
15 Single Leg Calf Raises (Each Side)
:45 Side Plank Hold (Each Side)

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday January 18, 2022

  1. JJT reporting in. We did it. Yay. Not that anything was easy, but the side planks in the accessory work was by far the worst movement for all of us.

    • Jim is correct.

      I used my lopsided set of weights again today for the double-weight work (45lb + 14kg), and warmed up proper with a good 45min shoveling clearing plow droppings

      Cooled down with another 30min shoveling after the plow came by again just as I was sitting down to work.

  2. I’m back from shovelling and oh my back from shovelling!
    Zoom with Anshita
    I still struggle with getting both 30’s overhead but gave it a whirl today. It wasn’t pretty

  3. I was pooped after this one.
    rows with 2 x 10 lbs: 24, 23, 25
    cossack squat (bodyweight): 18, 18, 20
    kneeling pushups: 7, 7, 8
    shoulder to overhead with 2 x 15lbs: 15, 16, 22

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