Wednesday January 19, 2022


3 Sets (1 Set every 5 minutes)
50 Air Squats 
200m Run 

Minimal Equipment
3 Sets (1 Set every 5 minutes)
50 Single Dumbbell Thrusters (50/35) *25 per arm 
200m Run

Accessory Work
2 Sets:
:30 Sit Ups
:30 Russian Twists
:30 Boat Hold 
-Rest 1:00 B/T Sets-

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6 thoughts on “Wednesday January 19, 2022

  1. Tremendous tortellini, that was a wod!

    Used #35 db and subbed mountain climbers in for the running (80 per 200m as we did in the past).

    We were quite concerned about being able to do 50 thrusters (like at all) and the mc and get rest in time. Turns out we shouldn’t have been.

    First round was over faster than any of expected and we all had over 60s of rest. Second round was similar for me although I was certainly more winded after. Final round started as I was just barely catching my breath from the 2nd, but I also did that one in time.

    Followed up with the posted accessories. My tea pots are still tender from yesterday. I finished up with a bonus involuntary corpse pose.

  2. Holy Hamburgers!
    The JJT video call started with such questions as: “Do we ensure we get a minimal amount of rest?” “Do we make sure to stop doing thrusters at a certain point and make sure we always get the 80 mountain climbers in?” “How do we set up the wod timer?”

    All that planning, and in the end we were all able to complete the required work with rest each round.
    I used the 35lb db for thrusters and substituted 80 mountain climbers for the running.
    Round 1: Finished under 4 mins
    Round 2: Finished in 4:15
    Round 3: Finished somewhere near the 5 min mark

    Core accessory was a spicy meatball!

  3. Hello this is a totally normal comment about today’s WOD without any specific food references.

    It was difficult, but accomplishable. I used a forty-five pound dumbbell. My last round went a little over-time but I completed it.

    We did indeed discuss many plans ahead of time, when the apparent solution was simply “do the workout” and it… worked out.

    Goodness gracious!

  4. Lol you guys are funny!

    Zoom with Crystal and Makayla! And her roommate 🙂
    50 single db thursters using #10. With a 45 sec shuttle run/walk.

    Managed to complete within 4 mins each round. Surprising. As JJT said, it worked out.

  5. The return of team zoom CAM plus one! Wasn’t keen on the 30# overhead after yesterday so did 30# goblet squats with 45 sec shuttle runs. About 3:05 per round.

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