Wednesday January 26, 2022

Amber & Travis

100 Plate Hops/Line Hops/Jumping Jacks 
40 Air Squats 
-rest 2:00-
80 Plate Hops/Line Hops/Jumping Jacks 
30 Air Squats 
-rest 2:00-
60 Plate Hops/Line Hops/Jumping Jacks 
20 Air Squats 
-rest 2:00-
40 Plate Hops/Line Hops/Jumping Jacks
10 Air Squats

Minimal Equipment
100 Double Unders
20 Double Dumbbell Thrusters (50s/35s)
-rest 2:00-
80 Double Unders
15 Double Dumbbell Thrusters (50s/35s)
-rest 2:00-
60 Double Unders
10 Double Dumbbell Thrusters (50s/35s)
-rest 2:00-
40 Double Unders
5 Double Dumbbell Thrusters (50s/35s)

Accessory Work
3 Sets

6 Lateral Box Step Up (Each Side)
12 Hammer Curls (Each Side)

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday January 26, 2022

  1. Did this one Rx – it was a burner! Tripped on the rope a little more than I would have liked, but the thrusters weren’t too bad with the 35s.

    Total Time: 14:12

  2. As JJT got into our usual warmup, we felt the need to do some bootstrappers. Together we let our a coordinated chorus of groans as our hamstrings screamed out in collective horror from memories of yesterday. Otherwise we seemed ok.

    I did 1.5x single skips. 2×#35 for the thrusters. Total time 13:11

    R1. 2:32
    R2. 2:15
    R3. 1:24
    R4. 1:00

    We elected not to do accessories after that. Quite a burner.

  3. Are muscles supposed to be this tight? Asking for a friend.

    Same as Jim, I did 1.5x single skips for the rounds. Did thrusters with my lopsided pair of weights (45lb / 14kg) swapping where appropriate to balance out which was in which hand. Tripped over the rope a ton in round 2 which was frustrating.

    2:17 / 2:18 / 1:28 / :51

  4. I woke up this morning wondering if anyone’s Hammies were as sore as mine.
    Thanks for validating that JJT
    DU practice and those are mighty big numbers but I kept the reps! 80 round was super sucky but kept at it. And you know me and double DB overhead does not happen with my 30’s (will it ever?) so did single DB thrusters
    Mak did line hops and single 10#thrusters (next time she’ll do double)

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