Thursday June 9, 2022

Yes of course Steph, Ill be your partner today! 🙂

Today is the day!  The day to bring that person that you’ve been trying to convince to give CrossFit a try into Division to try out a workout with you.

What time?  It’s all day!  All group WOD’s are participating so you pick the time and show up with your friend.  We will take it from there.

Who can I bring?  Anyone.  CrossFit experience or not, all are invited.

Do I need to signup for my friend?  Nope. Try to show up a little earlier before class to sign a waiver.

I’m not sure if they can do the WOD.  Not to worry.  We have scaling for all the movements, for all fitness levels and any movement restrictions.  The brand-new-to-CrossFitters will be doing fewer reps and rounds as well.

Can I still come if my friend bails?  Absolutely!  We will partner you with someone or scale the WOD to be done solo.  Either way you’re going to leave tired and sweaty.

In Teams of 2 complete the following
400m Run with Medball
50 Wallballs
400m Run with Medball
35 Wallballs
400m Run with Medball
20 Wallballs
400m Run with Medball
*Partition reps as needed
Post scores to comments


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