Monday Jan 23, 2023


Part 1: Every 2:30 Mins for
4 sets

Strict Pull ups/ Strict C2B Pull ups/ Weighted Pull ups
Banded Hollow Lat Pull Downs

PART 2: AMRAP 9:00 Minutes

4 Rounds of:

10 Chest-Bar Pullups
10 DB Box step overs 

Directly into AMRAP in remaining time of

5 Muscle ups (BMU/Rings)
20 Alternating pistol squats

Part 3: 3 Sets

30 second side plank leftside
30 second middle plank

30 second side plank right side

30 seconds rest*

Straight into…

1 Round

200ft unbroken Suitcase Carry per side
*go heavy as long as you are able to maintain good positioning
Time Cap 9:00 minutes


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