Tuesday Jan 24, 2023


Part 1 FRONT SQUATS: Every 2 minutes for 20:00 Minutes: 
4 Reps @ 80% 1RM

Part 2:
2:002:002:003:00 minute rounds of
Buy in: 12/10 cal echo bike
In remaining time, accumulate: Max Reps: Thrusters 75lbs/55lbs

*Rest 1 min between rounds

*Continue this format until you complete 75 Thrusters
Post scores to comments 


One thought on “Tuesday Jan 24, 2023

  1. Where’s the comment section at?

    Nice to be back at the 5am class for a visit! 🙂

    Part 1: #110
    Part 2: Time Cap + 10; #55 + echo bike

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