Saturday Jan 28, 2023


In Teams of 3 accumulate: 5k Row/4k Row

Partner 1. AMRAP 2:00 Minutes: MAX Distance ROW
Partner 2. AMRAP 2:00 Minutes 

9 Box Jump Overs

6 Alt. DB Squat Snatch (75/50)

3 Wall Walks

Partner 3. REST
**Partners switch stations every two minutes until they complete prescribed Row
distance or time capped at 30:00 Minutes.

*REST 4:00 Minutes*

AMRAP 6:00 Minutes 

Max Calories: ECHO Bike 

Max  Reps: Handstand Pushups
*Partner 1 on echo bike, Partner 2 on handstand pushups, Partner 3 Rest. Switch between partners as needed. Partner 1 goes to HSPU. Partner 2 rests, and partner 3 is on echo bike.



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