Wednesday April 5, 2023


Part 1. Power Cleans and Jerks* 6-5-4-3-2
*Reps must be Touch and Go.
Start Moderate and Build Moderate-Heavy.

Part 2. AMRAP 8:00 MINUTES*
3 Handstand Push-Ups3 Power Cleans (185/125)
6 Handstand Push-Ups3 Power Cleans
9 Handstand Push-Ups3 Power Cleans
12 Handstand Push-Ups6 Power Cleans
15 Handstand Push-Ups6 Power Cleans
18 Handstand Push-Ups6 Power Cleans
21 Handstand Push-Ups9 Power Cleans
And so on…
*Add 3 reps to the Handstand Push-Ups each round, and 3 reps to the Clean every 3 rounds.
Post scores to comments 


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