Monday April 24, 2023

SUPER PUMPED that its BRING A FRIEND Week,! All Classes are free to try. 

For Time:
6 Rounds

200m Run

2 Rounds of “Cindy”
5 pull ups
10 push
15 air squats
*weight vest #20/#14 – only if athletes are proficient in all 4 movements and plan on doing Murph with a vest on.

For Time 6 Rounds

200m Run
2 Rounds of:
3 pull ups

6 push
9 air squats
*no vest


Starting to get in the groove of Murph while easing into the movements, and volume. The rep scheme should allow athletes to move steadily throughout the 6 rounds. The volume is a little over 50% Murphs RX reps so athletes planning on doing full Murph should be able to do this rep scheme fluidly. We will build on volume each week.


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