WELCOME TO CrossFit Division

At CrossFit Division, we offer the highest quality training and results in fitness, nutrition and athletic development. We have been using the CrossFit methods for over 9 years, with over 8 Certified CrossFit Coaches we offer years of experience and knowledge. Whether your ultimate goals include improved health, weight loss, general fitness, or elite athleticism, we have a program that will help you succeed.


Our training methods include a combination of gymnastics, weightlifting, plyometrics, running, rowing, climbing and anything else you can think of. Through careful programming, we design workouts performed at a high intensity to elicit powerful results in general fitness, fat loss, sports performance and improved health.

CrossFit Division is FOR EVERYONE…EVEN YOU!

Everything we do can be modified to make your training a success and your goals a reality.

CrossFit Division is COMMUNITY

CrossFit is more than just a fitness program and CrossFit Division is more than a physical location. Lifelong friendships are forged within our walls and we believe in having a good time.

CrossFit Division is HARD WORK

Our training provides results…period! If you are ready to work hard and pay the price which yields those results, CrossFit Division is for you.

January 2018
Thursday Jan 11- Bring a Friend Day
Saturday Jan 27- Be Relentless Competition

February 2018
Thursday Feb 8- Bring a Friend Day
Sunday Feb 11- Lucas Parker Barbell Cycling Workshop (12-4pm)

March 2018
Thursday March 8- Bring a Friend Day

April 2018
Thursday April 5- Bring a Friend Day
Saturday April 7/8th- CrossFit Speciality Weightlifting Course





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