High School Athlete Program


-Better Than Yesterday-

August Strength & Conditioning 2017

For The High School Athlete

Duration: Starting Tuesday, August 8th until Saturday September 3rd

When: Tuesdays at 4-5pm, Saturdays at 11am-12pm

Cost: $15 Drop-In, or $90 for all 8 sessions

Who: For high school athletes/students looking to get some strength and conditioning in during the summer! Whether it be to supplement your sport or just to get moving!

Where: Crossfit Division – 505 Conestoga Road, Unit 8, Waterloo ON


What type of training will we be doing?

  • Any and everything that will improve your overall capacity and competency as an athlete. Balance, Accuracy, Agility, Coordination, Speed, Power, Flexibility, Strength, Stamina and Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance

I’ve never been trained to lift weights, should I still sign up?

  • Form is king. We start from the ground up, whether you are a novice at strength training or haven’t done conditioning training for a while. Everyone is a unique athlete and will progress at their own pace with guidance and encouragement.

One-on-one, Semi-Private:

If you want one-on-one or semi-private sessions, please contact Rachael to discuss goals, hours and fees and what would work best for you and/or your child! What does this include?

  • In-gym training
  • Goal setting and accountability practices
  • Individualized programs 

If you have any more questions, please contact:

Contact: Rachael Urosevic (rachaelurosevic@gmail.com)