Monday March 29, 2021


OTM for 40:00 Minutes
Odd Minutes: 5 Back Squats (65%-75%)
*Should be do-able/repeatable for the entire 40 Mins
Even Minute: 15/12 Calorie Row
*Every other even minute set- 15 Toes-Bar/15 GHD Situps*
Example, Round 1 is 5 Back Squats, Round 2 is 15/12 Calorie Row, Round 3 is 5 Back Squats, Round 4 is 15 Toes-Bar or 15 GHD Situps, etc… etc… for 40:00 Minutes.
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Saturday March 27, 2021


In Teams of 2 complete the following,
AMRAP in 24:00 Minutes
Partner 1. 100ft Sandbag Carry + 3 Sandbag Cleans over the shoulder #150/#100
Partner 2. Max Calories on BikERG
*Switch stations upon completion of Sandbag Cleans.
*Score is total calories completed as a team.
*Pick-up where your partner left off.
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