Contact and Rates

Phone: 519-589-2985
In-Person: 505 Conestogo Road Unit 8, Waterloo Ontario

Unlimited Monthly:
$145 per month

Unlimited 3 Months:
$135 per month paid in full

Unlimited 6 Months:
$127 per month on a contract or in full

Unlimited Yearly:

$115 per month on a contract or paid in full

10 Pack Pass

Elements Program:

All Rates are plus HST
10% discount for Family,  Student and EMS

For Coaches hourly rates/ One on One Coaching, please email at

Visitors and Drop-Ins:

Are you going to be in town for a few days and want to get in a few workouts at CrossFit Division? As long as you are a current member at an Affiliated CrossFit Gym from anywhere around the world, you can drop in to ANY of our General CrossFit Classes.
$20.00/Regular Rate
$15.00/ Student Rate


2 thoughts on “Contact and Rates

  1. Hi, I am interested in becoming a member. I haven’t done crossfit before but Im up for a challenge. I’m a student at UW and am wondering what the unlimited 6 months will get me. Is one on one coaching separate? Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

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