Thursday November 25, 2021

10 Sets of: 2:00 Mins Work/1:00 Min Rest
Goals Per Set:
500m Row
1000m BikeERG
30/20 Calorie ECHO Bike
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Athletes Notes
Today is either a 5km Row/10km BikeERG in total.
Have you ever rowed a 5km/10km Bike? That might be a good reference point for you in terms of effort and pace.
Consider what pace you might row/bike for a WOD that has 3-4 rounds of 500m/1000m with other movements and no breaks, that is likely closer to where you should start.

Tuesday November 23, 2021

Michelle & Stacey

Gymnastic Skills- OTM 7:00 Minutes: 1-7 Muscle-ups
– All unbroken sets, adjust numbers throughout.

The goal of this drill is to build consistency and volume in the muscle-up. Avoid using a rep scheme that you will fail or significantly drop off in rep volume. We would rather see you hold 2’s and 3’s than have a mix of 5’s and 1’s. If needed, scale all the way down to a single rep.

If you cannot perform muscle-ups then today is a good day to practice jumping muscle-ups or muscle-up progressions from the floor. Try to avoid scaling to pull-ups because we will have so much pull-up volume in today’s workout.

Part 1. 5 Sets For Load:
3 Weighted Strict Chin-up/Banded Strict Pullups 
Rest 2:00 between set

Increase loading across as many sets as possible.

Part 2. AMRAP 7:00 Minutes 
7 Box Jumps (30/24″)
7 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

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