Friday Dec 13, 2019


21 DAYS OF GAINS: Day 13 of 21

A) Tempo Back Squats (3:03:0) 4 Rounds: AMRAP in 2:00 Minutes followed by 2:00 Minutes Rest-(Partner up with someone that will use the same loading)

B) “Tabata” Front Squats- 8 Rounds of 20 sec on/10 sec rest
*Using a load that you can front squat 15 reps comfortably, fresh

C) Tempo Deadlifts (3:1:3:1): 5-5-5-5-5
*Go as heavy as possible

D) Partner Glute Ham Raises: 10-10-10

E) “Death by Jump Squats” Starting at 20 reps and adding 2 reps every minute until failure.



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