Saturday April 17, 2021


4:00 Minutes
30 Single Unders or Jumping Jacks
10 Air Squats
:30 Hollow Hold


AMRAP in 12:00 Minutes
20 Situps
40 Air Squats/ 40 Single Arm DB Thrusters (50lbs/35lbs)
100 Line Hops/Jumping Jacks/ 100 Double Unders

3 Sets
10 Suitcase Deadlifts (each side)
10 Single Leg Calf Raises (each side)
20 Hip Bridges

Post scores to comments


3 thoughts on “Saturday April 17, 2021

  1. 45# dumbbell, jumping jacks. Got 1 round + 120 reps in the 12 min. Thrusters the day after a billion goblet squats and upside down pushups was nasty šŸ˜›

  2. Did this one Rx. Thrusters @ 35lbs were slow and tough. Finished 1 round + situps & thrusters. Did the DU after time to complete 2 rounds.

  3. #35 and 150x single skips.
    Completed 1 full round and 60/150 skips into round 2.

    Skipping was terrible. First round I could not get more than 15-20 in a row, second round I was tripping every other skip by the end. Most frustrating.

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