Saturday Dec 24, 2022

Make other people better.

Part A) 3 Rounds 
Deadlifts x 5, rest 20s, 4, rests 20s, 3, rests 20s, 2, rests 20s, 1
**Establish a challenging weight for 5 reps first, before starting the 3 Rounds*
(25 minute Time Cap)

Part B) 5 Rounds 

21’s- Barbell Bicep Curls (7 lower, 7 Upper, 7 full range)
15/arm- Single Arm DB Row (Pause at the top for 2s)
9- Straight Arm Band Pulldowns
(15 minute Time Cap)

Part C) Teams of 2
5000m Row (switching every 250m)


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