Monday May 8, 2023

For Time:

1200m run

75 pull ups
150 push ups
225 air squats
1200m run
*weight vest #20/#14 – only if athletes are proficient in all 4 movements and plan on doing Murph with a vest on.

Scaled: For Time:
800 m Run

50 pull ups
100 push ups
150 air squats
800 m Run
*no vest

Getting comfortable with high volume unpartitioned reps for each movement. After this workout athletes should have a good idea of what method is appropriate for them when doing Murph. If athletes want to do Murphy as written (RX) they should be able to demonstrate good mechanics even with high volume reps. If their mechanics are breaking down then partitioning the reps will be a better option for them when doing Murph on May 27th.


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