Wednesday July 7, 2021


3 Sets
1:00 Max Reps: Double DB Box Step Overs
1:00 Max Reps: Weighted Glute Bridge Raises
1:00 Max Reps: Pushups
1:00 Max Reps: Double DB Front Squats
1:00 REST

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5 thoughts on “Wednesday July 7, 2021

  1. Took it easy and used only 1 kb #35 goblet style for step overs and squats. Band for gluten bridges. No idea of my rep count, as I lost count almost immediately off the top.

  2. I went with 2×30# dumbbells for everything but the step ups, where I ended up just using 1 dumbbell.
    I also immediately lost count of reps during the first round, but it was a fun one today 🙂

    • As is tradition, I also lost count of the reps.
      2 x 22.5lbs for step-ups, 1 x 35lb for glute bridges and 2 x 35lbs for front squats.

      • On today, this day where all reps were forgotten, I actually remembered mine!


        Used 2×50 for the squats, 2×35 for the stepovers, 1×50 for the bridges, and regular pushups

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